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10700 75th Street
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Journey Kids is a fun, safe place for kids to find and experience God!  Journey Kids is the children's ministry of Journey Church in Kenosha and Burlington.





Why should I serve?

God gives us interests and skills that when put to use, enable us to make a real difference in our church, community and world. And when we serve, we find community, an opportunity to be with others and joy in following Christ’s example.

Children’s ministry is a “Team Sport”!  When Jesus was on the earth he started the church as found in the book of Acts.  Out of all the ways he could have set it up, he chose a team structure.  Church was never meant to be run by just a few.  It was meant to be teams of ministry volunteers working together and using their God given talents to help kids make friends with God and with each other!   

Does Journey Kids Ministry really need me to volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! While we understand that many people think their serving won’t make a difference, the truth is we need your help. Part of a balanced Christian life is serving, so jump in and start serving the Lord at Journey Kids!