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Journey Kids is a fun, safe place for kids to find and experience God!  Journey Kids is the children's ministry of Journey Church in Kenosha and Burlington.

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Q: What is Journey Kids all about?

Journey Kids is the children's ministry of Journey Church.  We are all about providing a fun, safe atmosphere that makes it easy for children to find and experience God.  While adults worship in a separate auditorium, children of all ages experience upbeat music from artists like Yancy or Hillsong Kids, read and learn Scripture from easy-to-read versions like the NIrV, play kid-friendly games like carpetball or Mario Cart before and after church, and learn the Big Idea so it's easy for families to talk about God at home.

Q: Where do I take my children and how do I check my children in?

As soon as you arrive, go to the main entrance and follow directions to our automated computer check-in system. You will pick up your children up at the same location where you dropped them off. You may print and fill out the registration form or fill the online form out ahead of time by clicking the "FAMILY REGISTRATION FORM" button above. (Please note that online forms will be entered within one business day of being filled out, so online forms filled out on the weekend will not be entered into the system until Monday.)

Q: What does a children’s church service look like?

Children sing songs, watch videos and dramas, play games, hear stories and make friends in colorful rooms designed just for them.  The Bible comes alive as the topics that adults are taught each Sunday are communicated to kids in a fun and effective way!  Families then learn the same message and grow together.

Q: What will my child be taught?

Your child will be taught the same thing you will be taught (at an age-appropriate level). All of the Sunday services are designed around the same Big Idea, so that the adults, teenagers, and children are all hearing the same Bible story, the same lessons, and similar illustrations. This reinforces the focus for the church as a whole and empowers parents to lead their children in applying the Big Idea at home during the following week. All of our curriculum is based on Biblical truth and directed towards life application. Our early childhood and elementary classes have curriculum that we write here at Journey Church. The elementary curriculum is thought-provoking, engaging, and practices the lesson in action. Our nursery curriculum reflects our commitment to God’s life-changing truth.

Q: What else is there for my child at Journey Kids?

This is a picture of our ministry model.  We want children to move along this path with their family.


Q: Is Journey Kids safe?

Because we recognize that we are a reflection of God’s love to those in our care, we take seriously our responsibility to them. Our safety guidelines and security policies are in place to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children can connect with God and each other. Click here to review some of our guidelines and policies.

Q: How are volunteers screened?

In addition to a completed application and traditional background check, we focus on reference checks to make sure everyone on our staff is qualified, has the necessary experience, work ethics, and Bible knowledge to teach our curriculum.

Q: What should I do if my child has special needs?

We would like to match your special needs child with a one-on-one aide to accompany him or her on Sunday mornings or Saturday evenings in our children’s programs. Contact us to learn more about Special Journey.

Q: How can I join the Journey Kids volunteer group?

We are glad you're interested in serving!  Click here to go to our volunteer section.

Q: What is the difference between Sunday service and Wednesday service?

Wednesday services are small groups for kids! They offer the opportunity to build relationships and authentic community with kids their age and gender. There are hands-on and active settings with mentoring and relationship building as the keys.  Sunday services focus on experiencing God through song, giving, activities, drama, skits, and stories.

Q: Why do you use the NIrV translation of the Bible?

"The New Interantional Reader's Version (NIrV) is a simplied version of the NIV created specifically for children.  It's not a Bible story book, but rather the complete Bible text written at the third-grade reading level - the youngest reading level of any translation.  Like the NIV on which it's based, the NIrV combines great accuracy and readability.  It simply goes further to make the Bible understandable to kids, even those as young as six."  - NIrV Adventure Bible by Zondervan