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Journey Kids is a fun, safe place for kids to find and experience God!  Journey Kids is the children's ministry of Journey Church in Kenosha and Burlington.

Security Updates // Kenosha


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Security Updates // Kenosha

At Journey Kids, we create fun and safe environment to help make it easy for kids to find and experience God!  If it's not fun, kids don't want to come back.  And if it's not safe, parents don't want to leave their kids!  By being fun AND safe, it's a win-win for everyone!

To increase our security at Journey Kids, we will be making some changes to our check-in process in late February.  All check-in stations will be located in the school lobby, providing one centralized point for great guest services and securing the children's ministry area.

Only adults with parent tags, children with security tags, or volunteers with lanyards will be permitted past that checkpoint.  Direct access to the game room from the outside will not be permitted.

Q & A:

What entrance should I use if I normally go straight from the parking lot to the kids' game room?

If entering from the main parking lot, you will enter the school entrance near the main entrance.

Can my spouse and I both go into the children's area with only 1 tag?

No.  Every adult must have an individual tag identifying him or herself to our security team.  If you need an additional parent tag, please see one of our First Impressions team members.

Can I exit from the game room to the main parking lot?

Yes.  Our volunteers will check out children at the doors, but the door will be locked from the outside.

Can youth travel from the youth area into the children's area?

No.  The doors between the youth area and children's area will be locked.  Youth can enter their area from the outside of the building or from the second floor.  Youth will not be permitted in the children's area unless they are volunteer student leaders with lanyards.

Can I send my teen into the children's area to pick up my child?

No.  Journey Kids does not release minors to minors.  An adult must check in and pick up a child.

Can I join the security team at Journey Church?

Absolutely!  Click here to serve as one of our church security members, and thank you for helping keep Journey Kids a fun and safe ministry!

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